Monday, 1 February 2010

Epic Buns

Mmm, I just spent a lovely evening baking. Chocolate Brownie (Nigel Slater's recipe) for a pot luck lunch at work, plus *Epic Buns*.

Epic Bun recipe:
Make a tasty vanilla sponge-type bun mixture (I used the one in the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook but you could use any bun mix)
Put the mix into bun cases (I used my new silicone ones, much less fiddly than paper ones!)
Put a cherry into the centre of each case (I used tinned cherry filling stuff, I think it's meant to be for putting in pies)
Bake for the time required by the bun recipe
Allow to cool completely and add icing

Delicious, moist and juicy:)

Buns hot from the oven

Cherries hidden beneath icing and sprinkles, a tasty surprise:)

This being selfish and baking selfishly is definitely a good thing!