Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Kitsch Kitten

Is it wrong to buy something because it's so twee it's good?

My excuse is that I'm not allowed to buy real live kittens :) This one is also very useful as he pours milk delightfully with no drips.

The muffin is blueberry and bananananana. Tasty and surprisingly healthy recipe from the BBC:

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Fun Day

Today was a good day.

It involved penguin coffee and a huuuge pastry for breakfast. Henri's of Morningside makes massive tasty pastries. My favourite is a swirly chocolate one:

Lunch was a multitude of ice cream and toppings. It was fun being practically on the Royal Mile but totally cut off from the tourists! The views were impressive:

After ice cream I wandered through the Meadows and joined the Ravelry group knitting in the sunshine. Admittedly I wasn't knitting but I was finishing off my new jumper. I'm inordinately proud of my new (and first) jumper:

Pattern from Needled:

Tip of the day: carry a camera and the tourists will think you are one of them and *not* ask for directions :)