Sunday, 1 January 2012

A bicycle baked for two.

Biscuits using two of my christmas presents; a recipe book and a bicycle cookie cutter. Om nom nom :)

The End of the World/Start of the Year

Since it's a new year, the newspapers and internet are full of predictions, including for the end of the world. Not that I'm convinced the Mayans were right in their prediction for 2012 (and surely they were only bothered about their bit of the world - America - anyway). But while I was running a couple of days ago I was thinking about why I've decided to start running. Randomly, into my head popped the thought, "Well, when the zombies/apocalypse/collapse of civilisation comes at least I'll be able to run away". Seems as good a reason as any really.

I don't really do "New Year's Resolutions" but have decided that this year I want to do fun stuff. Now that maybe seems like an easy thing to commit to but since I'm doing a full time masters course and working at the same time, I'm finding life a little busy. I'm not planning on making unreasonable fitness goals but would like to enjoy running. Having had a dodgy ankle for about 7 years, I've not been able to run - or at least not if I didn't want to spend 48 hours hobbling... I've done a few short runs over the holidays and it didn't hurt! I'm hoping if I can enjoy running then I will get fitter by accident.

Is it weird to attempt to subliminally trick myself into healthiness? Oh well, at least running will counteract (some of) the cakes I plan to bake this year.