Thursday, 8 July 2010

Fake Cake

I like cake. I like cake so much that even when I'm not eating cake, I'm still thinking about cake:
Made from a felt kit sent to me from Japan :)

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Sunshine and Clouds

The annoying thing about living in a flat is that we don't get much sunlight. The flat faces north-east and is surrounded by other blocks of flats. Not ideal. Two of the windowsills get sun for an hour or two a day but it doesn't really get any further into the room.

When the sun does shine it brightens up anything on the windowsill, currently roses:

One of our cacti is growing another lobe. With the light glowing through, the buds look almost like highlighter pens to me:

Dramatic skies can be fun too though:

Some day I shall have a garden. I can only hope it is south facing and suitable for flowers and fruits and vegetables, I can't wait to meet it:)

Monday, 5 July 2010

Camera Bag

For my upcoming trip to Japan (hurray huzzah!!!) I decided a small camera bag might be handy. The one I have is very sturdy but also huge. My boyfriend suggested I make a travel-bag that could double as a support for taking photos without a tripod.

A little bit of sewing later and, the underneath:

The top (both pieces of fabric from John Lewis fat quarters):

The camera inside. The blue fabric is from a t-shirt to give a big of extra protection, and also means a layer of fabric between the camera and the strap:

Camera safely tucked away and zipped up:

When I'm Japan (yay!!) I plan to fill the case with rice or pasta or something. I won't be putting the camera away anyway and a camera sized cushion will be perfect for getting steady shots (or more likely, cheesy self portraits).

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Green Summer

Everything is looking so lush outside, lots of sunshine and lots of rain. The plants like it at least.

Lacy flowers down by the burn:

Looking up through layers upon layers of branches:

A busy bee and a relaxing cat:

And luscious peach, blueberry and almond cake:

Recipe at: