Saturday, 1 January 2011

Music of 2010

Hmm, oddly I can't write a blogpost in the normal way, I have to be in HTML mode. My iPod would let me type in the title but didn't recognise the blog field as a text field. Apologies if the formatting goes freaky but hopefully it'll be readable. Once I'm reunited with my computer I should be able to improve it.

Also it won't let me see all of what I've typed or even choose which bit to edit. Not ideal! I'll do another post tomorrow with my ideal playlist :)

2010 was a funny year for me. With my other half working so hard I was generally trying to make as little noise as possible. Also I've lost one of my musical gurus to fatherhood. However with the other. Half's working patterns it means he's wanted new music rather than listening to the same things repeatedly. This has led to vast quantities of spotify surfing.

I would occasionally something that caught my attention and would ask who it was. Almost always, the answer was Frank Turner. I have since listened pretty much entirely to Frank Turner and went to see him live in early December. (Awesome).

My music choices seem to have changed quite alot this year, starting out with older classics like
Muse and REM. Nowadays I seem to have a preference for solo singer songwriters. The fowooing are a selection of my favourite artists/songs from 2010 (not all are new in 2010 I just happen to have enjoyed them in 2010).

Favourite album:
Dark Was the Night (Songs from a variety of artists)

Favourite soundtrack:

Favourite artists (order is fairly fluid depending on mood):
1. Frank Turner
2. Joshua Radin
3. Mumford & Sons
4. Ben Harper
5. Ben Folds Five
6. Eels
7. Death Cab for Cutie
8. Malcolm Middleton
9. Chris Velan
10. Philip Glass

Special mentions also go to Tommy Reilly and mewithoutyou as artists I plan to search out more of in future.

Comedic songwriters:
Jonathan Coulton - Skullcrusher Mountain and Code Monkey are just adorable love songs!
Tim Minchin - his songs are just so witty and true. Plus if the salvation army finds him annoying I can't help but like him ;)