Monday, 13 April 2009

Hair. And Dreams.

Following on from my last post, I utterly failed to get a haircut. I have been thinking I should get a haircut for about 4months now. The problem is, my hair is utterly inoffensive. If I didn't like it I would probably have gone for a haircut by now. The last time I got my hair cut short the hairdresser was shocked and appalled that someone would want *nice* hair cut *short*. She asked me about 4 times if I was *really* sure I wanted it cut. Well yes. Otherwise I wouldn't go to a hairdresser?

Plus I find going to the hairdressers quite stressful. They can't easily cut my hair if I'm wearing glasses. But if I'm not wearing glasses, how am I supposed to know what they're doing to my hair? Plus the whole personal space issue of not really liking people with sharp implements being within say 10metres of me unless I'm at least equally well-armed.

Maybe it's not so surprising my hair is currently long. Maybe I'll just wait until the Summer is really hot (yeah right) and then have it short again.

So...I've done psychology in the past so I know a bit about dreams. The whole different brainwaves, different types of sleep etc.
But what I don't know is why my dreams are the way they are. I don't always remember dreams but I do fairly often. Mostly (like other people seemingly) I forget them very quickly apart from a vague feeling. But sometimes, I have very vivid complex dreams that don't completely fade.

The other night I dreamt there had been some sort of cataclysmic event. I think war had broken out and people were panicking and trying to flee the area I was living in. I was with my boyfriend and we were trying to get some supplies together before escaping out into the countryside. Except I remember what I was thinking whilst searching for supplies. I went into a very posh chocolate shop and was thinking how annoying it was that the first time looting becomes acceptable I find a fabulous chocolate shop and shouldn't really waste my energy carrying it. I chose one box of chocolates and then went into the back of the shop where they had booze. Then spent a while trying to work out which spirit would be most suitable. Whisky or vodka, whisky or vodka. I was thinking whisky would probably be better for keeping our spirits up. But thought maybe vodka would be better for sterilising wounds. In the end I decided it was probably worth taking both just in case. And bottles would be useful for carrying water once the spirit runs out anyway. So, next thing to consider was transport. My boyfriend decided it was a great excuse to get a motorbike. I was of the opinion horses would be more suitable given they don't need petrol and are probably better at travelling cross country.
There was a fair bit more before and after but that was the most vivid part of the dream. And very bizarre. I can still remember how I felt, dithering in front of the booze.

As far as I'm aware, most people dream about people they know, places they've been, situations they have experienced. I seem to do the opposite. The majority of people in my dreams are as far as I can tell, entirely figments of my imagination. Very occasionally I will be with someone I know but that is quite rare. Last night I even took it to a new level. I bought my lunch from someone in a shop. And then saw them again at a prize ceremony (she was getting an award). She recognised me too so we had a chat. So I'll meet people I know from my dreams, in my dreams, but won't meet people I know in real life? Locations are usually entirely unrecognisable too. It's not that it's *my* home and just looks a bit funny, it's a totally different place.

Plus it turns out my dreams normally have a cinema rating of 15. Some violence but no blood on screen. Weird huh.

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