Wednesday, 20 May 2009


I don't really pay much attention to my appearance. This is probably obvious to anyone who sees me regularly. I generally try to look vaguely neat and tidy when I go to work or go out socially, however it is rare for me to wear make-up or do anything special with my hair.

Recently I had my hair cut. This happens about once a year when I'm fed up of it being really long and taking ages to wash and dry (by dry, I mean naturally, I have a hairdryer somewhere but it gets used on the bikes more than on my hair. Yes really). It is now short enough that it doesn't get in the way and still looks fairly neat, so I've been wearing it loose. It gets a bit of a brush at the start of the day, gets washed every couple of days and that's it.

Then something happened that made me notice my hair...someone said "Oh I like your hair like that, did you get it dyed?" I was quite taken aback, I've never really seriously considered dyeing my hair. The person went on to say "I really like the blonde streaks". I'm not entirely sure she believed me when I said it must just be the sunshine.

I now wonder whether everyone just assumes I dye my hair and is just too polite to mention it...

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