Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Modern Women

So it seems I'm an old-fashioned shape.

There are occasionally articles bemoaning about how different women are now to the 50s (they only seem to concentrate on the shape, not jobs, status, salary etc. but ignore that for the moment).

Average British woman in 1951:
Height: 5'2
Bust: 37inches
Waist: 28inches
Hips: 39inches
Weight: 62kg

Modern British woman:
Height: 5'4
Bust: 38.5inches
Waist: 34inches
Hips: 40.5inches
Weight: 65kg

I am 5'2.5 35, 28, 38.5 and currently about 60kg (having put on about half a stone since starting a new job a year ago:/ ) so am pretty much and average 50s bodyshape. Sadly clothes no longer seem to be designed for people with a waist. I don't really care what "size" of clothes I wear, as long as they fit me and are comfortable then I'm happy. However I tend to have problems with trousers, and particularly jeans. If they're big enough to fit everywhere else, the waist gapes on all sides and just looks weird. 

So either I have to lose a couple of stone, and become a fashionable, un-curvy stick-type person. Or gain a couple of stone and try to ensure it all goes on my waist?

Maybe I should just wear more skirts and dresses, or only wear 50s clothes?

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