Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Star Trek

Star Trek makes a lot more sense when the sound is working.

Our first trip to see Star Trek was last Wednesday. We went to our little local cinema, paid our money and went in. The sound seemed a little odd from the start but we just assumed it was meant to be like that to add atmosphere. It gradually worsened until the only thing that could be heard was the music. No voices. Quite disconcerting when there is obviously a lot of plot explanation and back-story elaboration going on and you have no idea what they are saying.

About 20minutes into the film it became obvious it wasn't going to improve despite a couple of people going to complain so we walked out. We did get our money back and a pair of complementary tickets but it was still annoying. Apparently they have an intermittent problem with the lazer that reads the sound. So the high and low bands were fine but the middle one (where most speech falls) wasn't.

We went to a different cinema last night to try again. Sadly this was a mainstream cinema, much more comfortable, much better sound and a much bigger screen. We'll use the complementary tickets but I don't know if we'll bother going back to the little local cinema again.

Star Trek was good but I felt somewhat confused in places despite having watched a lot of the TV serieseses when I was younger (about 12/13ish probably). For most of the film I thought the Romulans were just kind of queasy looking vulcans. Noone actually said they were different for ages. I kind of got the impression the film was made for more hardcore fans.

Also it seems that in the future, women aren't allowed to wear trousers. I just don't see the practicality of mini-skirts on a warspaceship. Surely with all the buffeting around and fighting people are going to see up it? And where do they keep their spare change? I didn't see any handbags!

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