Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Oslo was nice, sunny, warm and clean. Though exceedingly expensive. Most distressing was two take-away pizzas for £45. We did get two free bottle of juice with that and they were nice pizzas but still!

Norwegians seem to like statues and fountains in equal measure. It seemed we couldn't turn a corner or walk 50 metres without seeing one or the other (usually both). My favourite was this polar bear:

We went to a viking ship museum. They had three viking burial ships that had been buried over 1200years ago. Very strange to think that they had been sailed and rowed around oceans that long ago! There was even one that had been buried with two women on who were apparently queens or chieftans or something. It wasn't a warship but apparently a pleasure cruiser type thing:

We had a walk up near a ski-resort a short bus ride from Oslo. I'd be very tempted to go back in Winter to learn to snowboard:)

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