Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Local Riding

Scotland is really good for mountainbiking. The only problem is, people assume that if you live in Scotland, that means it's easy to go mountainbiking. Not necessarily. I live near the Pentland hills. But it's still nearly 4miles of road-riding to get there. There's a fair amount of variation in the Pentlands, being natural trails, but that does mean that with a lot of rain (remember this is Scotland so that's not uncommon) they can become somewhat swampy. There are parts that stay swampy even after lots of dry weather!

Anyway, I thought I'd share some examples of my local riding.

At the bottom of Puke Hill (because apparently if you don't vomit at the top you're not trying hard enough - this is a boy thing):

A reservoir (I can never remember which is which):

Some nice rooty singletrack with a reservoir on one side and sheep fields and hills on the other:

I will miss being able to cycle out to open(ish) country if we leave Edinburgh. Especially if we go to England with there lack of right to roam.

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  1. You never know. The law might actually be changed to be not mental down here sometime. I know the CTC are ostensibly campaigning for a change to at least allow bikes on footpaths. I was wondering the other day if it's worth writing to MPs / starting an online petition rather than just grumbling about it.