Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Things I Hate:

The Post Office
They currently have two parcels. I sent them a while ago. Unfortunately they haven't arrived. One was for my best friend in Japan. It contained a hat knitted to her specifications (and wool isn't cheap dammit), plus lots of tasty things. Post to Japan tends to take 2-3weeks. I think it's been a month so far...

Hat (ignore the zombie face, it's my first pompom for ages):

The second parcel was for my granny. A while ago I asked her if there was anything she'd like me to knit, she suggested mittens. I took my time as I wanted to make them perfect. I found a great pattern, found some lovely soft wool, took my time. The first mitten was a perfect fit for me - unfortunate as her hands are bigger. The second mitten seemed ideal so I knitted a third. D'oh, finished it off and realised the thumb was on backwards - unravelling and re-knitting was fiddly but worth it. Finally done, I decided to post them Special Delivery so I could track them, looked up the price and the details. £4.95 apparently, expensive but fair enough. Took them to the post office; "You can't track special delivery, that'll be £5.60 please." Err no, ok I'll just send it first class then. That was about a week ago...

Mittens (blocking, hence stuffed with placky bags):

Please, please royal mail, please get them safely to their destinations. I even bloody checked when the postal strikes were so I could avoid them:'(

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