Monday, 15 November 2010


It's funny how music is so omnipresent these days. I have music on cassette tapes (remember those?), CD, my computer. I have two ipods (Mini for exercise, Touch for general purpose use) and since I'm currently borrowing my boyfriend's smartphone, I also have music on that. Then there's Spotify so I can get music on my work computer. That's all without considering the musical bombardment from TV, internet, shops, the general world.

But how to listen to all this music? At home that's fine; stereo systems (of varying quality) in most rooms of the flat. Out and about is a different matter. I dislike the Apple in-the-ear headphones that came with my ipods. I think they're simply too big (even the small size) and they become uncomfortable after about 5 songs. I have my big headphones that I use for playing electric guitar (I do live in a flat after all, rocking out late at night might not be appreciated by the neighbours!) but with a 4 metre cable they're not ideal for going on the bus...

My current headphones of choice are "JVC HA-FX34-BE" in-ear (snappy name eh?). They're fine for general use around town etc. More comfortable than the Apple ones but they do get uncomfortable after a while (trying to block out office noise at work all day). Plus in this winter weather I keep getting them tangle in my coat/scalf/hat (and occasionally my mittens).

My boyfriend let me borrow a pair WOMworld lent him. They're the Nokia BH-905i bluetooth headphones and rather nice. Over the ear, noise-blocking and beautiful sound quality. Similarly to Nokia phones though, just a little too big for me. (How's Genetic-modification/gene-therapy going, can they make me Swedish and tall yet?)

I found them brilliant around town but ended up wearing them in the flat quite a lot (the flat is cold and they kept my ears warm and full of music). The only problem with this was that I noticed the power light is on the front, perfectly positioned so that it reflected of my glasses. The blue light blinking in my peripheral vision was suprisingly distracting! This was remedied with some blue-tack but I'm not sure it added to my style-quotient :p

Think I'll stick with my cheap and cheerful in-ear headphones for now. (At least until I have a million pounds spare to spend on luscious bluetooth ones and some more blue-tack).

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