Monday, 31 August 2009


I often feel I should hate supermarkets and avoid shopping in them. But most of the time they have a good range of stuff and make life so much more convenient (and cheaper). However, it's not great when there are three or four supermarkets which each apparently stock some things that none of the others do. What to do? Some sort of supermarket rotation system? Or just do without?

Or maybe they do stock what I want, I just can't find it....

Shaky cheese. That parmesan stuff. Can't find it anywhere. I'm sure they stock it, but in what section? Not apparently in the cheese section, not in the pasta and sauces section, not anywhere I can find...

Muesli. Proper muesli, I'm not a fan of Swiss style muesli, it's a bit sickly with all the added sugar and powdered milk and stuff. Tesco does about 6 types of muesli, all Swiss style. Oh admittedly they do other sorts of muesli in really small, very expensive boxes. But given I live with another cyclist, small packets of muesli don't last long.

I'm not going to boycott Tesco for this. Just be slightly disappointed every time I try to buy cereal from them.

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