Thursday, 6 August 2009

Cold Calling

Being off sick with the flu this week has reminded me how weird it feels to get phone calls on the landline! Pretty much all my friends only really contact me via internet or text (or phone my mobile if it's urgent). Parents phone the landline, but usually after 8pm (actually they usually email me but if the phone me I've got a good chance of guessing it's them).

Therefore if someone calls the landline during the day, I know they're usually trying to sell me stuff. The most confusing call I've had so far was apparently the NHS cold-calling to find babies...

A woman phoned and said her name, I muttered something in a confused way. She repeated her name and then said "the midwife". Ok I thought, a little odd, must be a wrong number. I told her my number and she was very insistent that yes that was the number she had and was the correct number for the person she was trying to call. Despite me denying there was anyone of the name she was asking after at our address she went on to say "What, you haven't had a baby? No-one there has had a baby?" Err no, it's just me and the boyfriend. I'm pretty sure I'd notice if either of us had had a baby. I'm still not convinced she believed me.

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