Sunday, 30 August 2009

Unexpected Musicians and Pajamas

I went to a comedy show on Friday night. It had been recommended to us as "It's kind of a sketch show, it's a bit weird but you'll probably like it." So we went. The Pajama are two middle-aged blokes wearing pyjamas (though they spell it pajamas because they're american). The vague story is their holiday, they tell the tale of what they did and all the people they met on a train journey. This includes many strange characters including an invincible boy (who isn't actually invincible, he's a teenager), a dead girl, a psycho, some women, some punks (I think), a magician, some other people. It was impressively fast and skillful, and I liked the fact they occasionally stepped away from the script and hammed it up even more.

The thing I liked most though, was the backing music. Provided by a bloke (Kevin Hume) with a keyboard, two guitars and a triangle. He reminded me of Nick Drake crossed with Fionn Regan so I bought his album. It's lovely. Especially the love songs to insects.

Pajama men website (Kevin is for some reason, apparently trying to look like a young Bob Dylan, but never mind):

Kevin's myspace:

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