Sunday, 9 August 2009


It's funny what being effectively housebound for a week will do. After spending the week sick with Swine Flu and only leaving the flat to stagger to the corner shop once we'd run out off food, even small excursions become exciting.

Several weeks earlier a friend had told me he was visiting Edinburgh this weekend and booked a slot to see me on the Saturday morning. The Farmer's Market is always exciting anyway but it wasn't until we got to Starbucks later on that I had a moment of hysterics. It's probably not even that funny to anyone else but I'd like to remind you that I'd been stuck with only a racking cough to keep me company for too long! Anyway, Starbucks these days always have some sort of merchandise counter thing. I don't know why coffee shops these days need their own gift shop but never mind, they had an array of different coffees, different drinking vessels and so on. This included a range of mugs with country and city names on.

The cities immortalised by a cheesy coffee mug were as follows:

And that was it. No Edinburgh mugs. In Edinburgh. I really don't see why anyone would travel to Edinburgh and think "I know what Auntie Susie would love, a Cardiff mug, awesome!!"

As it is August, Edinburgh is currently full of a million tourists who are confused by complicated things like roads and bus stops. I finally managed to get to my bus stop and joined the end of the queue. After a little while 4 little old ladies walked up. Two were frail, the other two were even more frail. I was at the end of the queue and let them through in front of me to the shelter seat. When the bus finally came there were a lot more people hanging around and I was a bit worried the ladies were either going to get separated or not get seats on the bus so I let them get on in front of me. Unfortunately as I'm polite, the rest of the crowd seemed to think they would get on in front of me too. When the last of the little old ladies grinned up at me, grabbed my hand and pulled me along with them:) Aww, it really made my day.

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